The week is cruisin’ right along and the weekend will be here before you know it. I have BIG plans for my Sunday and my goal is to fully utilize every ounce of it the way God intended… by sleeping. If I could rank coziness between 1-10, this sweatshirt would be a 12. I don’t know what kind of magic goes into making 2NOSTALGIK apparel so comfortable, but it is impossible to NOT nap while wearing this thing. I challenge you. Scroll to the bottom to get your own or give one to your favorite napper for the holidays. (and yes, I do own a giant teddybear that I enjoy cuddling with. If you judge me you are only jealous.)

'Sundays are for Naps' sweatshirt on

'Sundays are for Naps' sweatshirt on

Golden Antler Earrings -

'Sundays are for Naps' sweatshirt on

Sundays are for Naps sweatshirt -

'Sundays are for Naps' sweatshirt on


Sundays are for Naps Sweatshirt | 2NOSTALGIK

Golden Antler Earrings | The Gilded Maven Shop

Love braids? Check out my super easy braid crown tutorial HERE!

Give yourself and others the gift of super cozy warmth lovingly made in the USA and designed with ULTIMATE comfort in mind! Once you own one 2NOSTAGIK sweatshirt, odds are you will start a collection.


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