Today I am going to show you the super simple braided look that I did for my last post (read it here!). I had so many people asking how I did it, and it is so easy that I can’t help but share! To get started,  you will need two tiny hair elastics (ideally the plastic clear kind because they are easier to hide) and 6-12 bobby pins.

1) First off, this works great with 1-2 day old long hair. If you have long bangs like me, use a 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron and lightly curl them back away from you face so they frame it better.

2) Take a minute to give your roots a little volume by teasing *lightly* around the crown of your head (unless you are aiming for the sleek & tight amish look then by all means skip this step) I use a brush when I’m in a hurry because it teases so quickly that way. Feel free to use a comb for more control.

3) Part your hair down the middle in the back dividing it into two sections

4) Staying very close to your neck, braid the entire section of hair (being careful to no be too tight if you would like fuller-looking braids in the end).

5) Do the same to the other side and secure both braids with elastics.

6) Now carefully pull each individual braid by the sides making it a bit wider from top to bottom. This is entirely up to you how full and or messy you would like the end result to be! Have fun experimenting.

7) Take one braid and pull it over your head laying it where you would normally place a headband and pin the end with a bobby pin first, then place a few more throughout the braid to further secure it.

8) Take the remaining braid and do the same, while taking care to tuck it’s end under the first braid to conceal it. Add a couple bobby pins to achieve your desired look and set the look with a finishing spray! Voilá!

Braid Crown Tutorial - Gotta PIN THIS! I had no idea this was SO EASY! Gilded Maven via

Now go rock your super fab bohéme creation with pride. As with everything, it gets so much easier with practice! You will figure out what tricks work best on your hair texture and length.

Let me know how this works for you… I’m dying to hear! Leave me comments below!


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